Audible Magic

Tired of seeing unauthorized uses on the Internet of your music, movies, television shows, or other creative videos? Audible Magic is the leader in protecting and managing your digital content. Join thousands of companies, large and small, that register content with Audible Magic they want protected. To date, over 25 million media assets have been registered and we add more than 300,000 new titles each month.

“Audible Magic’s Emmy-winning automatic content recognition (ACR) solutions power billions of nearly instantaneous content match transactions every month, streamlining distribution and monetization. Even better, Audible Magic’s content protection (in the form of our content identification solution) enables businesses to thrive and — perhaps, one day — win a few awards of their own.”


How automatic content recognition (ACR) works.

Audible Magic patented ACR technology identifies any media based on perceptual characteristics of the audio and video. This works across file formats, codecs, bit rates, and compression algorithms. With identification rates at 99.99%, Audible Magic’s content recognition technology produces virtually zero false positives and requires no dependence on metadata, watermarks, or file hashes. Audible Magic approach is also immune to many types of transformations or background noise.


As partner of Audible Magic, Ministry of Musics can protect your content and best of all, free for Ministry of Musics Members


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