Mastering Services




We want you to sound your best at all times.

Ministry of Musics Mastering Service provides better sound and proper loudness to your mix.

No Automations. Professional mastering service by engineers who understand the clients needs.





Why Mastering ?

You can create something that sounds great on computer speakers, but if it ever gets played through a home stereo, you might notice that it doesn’t sound as polished.

The goal of mastering is to mix the balance issues and enhance audio characteristics of your music.



How it Works ?

  • Upload Your Stems/Song and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • We Mix Your Song.
  • You Receive the Mix. Once the mixing and mastering is complete, we will send to you for approval. You get two  revisions to make sure you are 100% satisfied! (You receive 320kbs Mp3 and 24 bit Wav File).


Before uploading any audio for mastering please make sure you have read this:

  1. We can achieve a far more superior result if you follow some simple rules and visibly check your
    audio files prior to uploading them.
  2. All files for mastering need to be a naked export with full dynamic range. If the files we receive are already processed in some way then we are limited in what we can then do to the track.
  3. Leave a minimum of -3db headroom in the track. -3db headroom is the minimum that we recommend although anything up to -6db gives our mastering engineer greater scope to work with.
  4. Ensure all Compressors, Limiters, Exciters, Spatial FX, Maximizers, Normalizers or any other post processing units are disabled on the final bounce / export of the audio as these are some of the processes our mastering engineer will use.
  5. Our mastering engineer will master any files that you order mastering for even if you haven’t followed the guidelines above. It is your responsibility to obtain the best files for mastering and deliver them to us.


Price – Just 12 € per Track (Discounts on Full Album)

Delivery Time – 2 to 5 days


320kbs Mp3 and 24 bit Wav File


Upload Your Files Here