Youtube Content ID

YouTube’s Content-ID allows you to manage your content on YouTube by identifying videos including content that matches a work you own. When that happens, you can share revenue with the uploader of the video.

If you are a content creator, this is a service that we believe you NEED to be using. If there is material out there that you state and claim that is rightfully yours, being able to not only ensure that you are the one that makes the revenue off it but in addition, potentially be able to take it down if illegally used is a huge and powerful tool that will enable you to further market yourself and grow your brand.

If you have a lot of views and a lot of videos, you can potentially make a decent amount of revenue by doing this, as long as your YouTube profile has a lot of views and is getting a lot of subscribers.

You will make 80% of any royalties made with us retaining the 20%. Our percentage covers the programming side as well as our labor costs for monitoring and scanning the website for any additional repertoire that a fingerprint may not pick up.

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