1. Editorial or recording label. You must specify the name of the Label of your record or album respectively for each album.

2. Own label. If your album is not linked to any record label, you can specify a custom label name or alias (such as your artist name) of your choice in this field. Make sure that the name provided is not misleading or deceptive, nor violate the laws of intellectual property.

3. Label’s Name Length. The name of a label should not be too large, otherwise, it may cause metadata conflict for some […] Read more

Artist or band names

Please, be sure to accomplish all the following requirements in order to distribute your release correctly, thereby preventing additional updates and other arrangements that would imply additional costs to the distribution.

1. Artist name choice. Before distributing your album, make sure that no other artists is currently using the same artist or band name (similar or identical), since this can cause conflicts in the channels, and your albums may be combined under the catalog of the other artist with similar artist or band name, or vice-versa.

2. Primary artist assignation. The main artist of an album, must appear […] Read more

What is (interactive) Streaming?

Interactive streaming is when a digital file is transmitted electronically to a computer or other device at the specific request of the end user in order to allow the end user to listen to a recording or a playlist contemporaneously with the user’s request.

Interactive streams are sometimes referred to as on-demand streams.

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What is a Permanent Download?

A permanent download is an individual delivery of a sound recording by digital transmission resulting in a reproduction made by or for the recipient which may be retained and played by the recipient on a permanent basis.

Permanent Downloads sometimes referred to as full track downloads or untethered downloads.

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What is a Tethered Download?

Tehtehred downloads are sometimes called limited downloads. A tethered download is a digital file that is delivered electronically to a computer or other device to reside there on a limited basis.

There are two types of thethered downloads: time-limited download (for example, the song resides on the computer for 30 days) and use-limited download (for example, the song can be heard 12 times before it can no longer be played).

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What does encoding mean?

Encoding is the conversion of one format into another digital file format, often referred as ‘output format’. All the music you upload is being transcoded to FLAC files in the highest possible bitrate- without any wuality loss.

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Why do I need to create an Artist profile? What are the requirements?

You do not ‘need’ to complete your Artist profile. An Incomplete profile will not prevent your Release to be delivered to the stores.

However, the more information we have, the better. The ‘Artists’ section allows you to add some information like artist’ bio, website, twitter channel, facebook page, myspace link…Etc.

You can also upload a picture with the following specifications:

3×2 aspect ratio
Minimum size 1280 x 853 pixels, Maximum size: 2530 x 1706 pixels
Format: jpg, tiff or png
Max. 8Mb
Not all stores will take this information into account, but some will.

Adding a biography especially can help you get more exposure […] Read more

What is Audio Mastering?

Mastering is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio material from a source containing the final mix to the master, the source from which all copies will be produced (via methods such as pressing, duplication or replication).

Digital masters have become usual although analog masters are still being used by the recording industry.

Mastering requires critical listening and expertise.

Results still depend upon the accuracy of speaker monitors.

Mastering engineers also usually need to apply corrective equalization and dynamic enhancement in order to optimise sound translation on all playback systems.

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Why can’t I deliver my Release using more than one digital distribution company?

The more the better? Not always.

Just like in the physical world, there shouldn’t be more than one digital music distributor bringing the same Release to the same store. Otherwise, when the Release makes some sales, how would the retail store know which distributor to pay?

However we can not prevent you from doing anything you want with your music.

But it is in your interest to be made aware that if you sign two digital distribution deals with two companies that will both be sending the same Release to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc – this can have some serious consequences […] Read more