Why has Youtube Content ID revenue dropped significantly in January?

You may have noticed a huge drop of around 40-50% of the total Youtube Content ID revenue occurred in January. Here we explain to you why this happens.

Youtube Content ID is an advertisement-based service. The royalties pool is calculated each month based on the total advertisement investments.
Since Western markets are hugely influenced by holiday periods, and Christmas is the most important season of the year, brands focus their advertisement investments before the Christmas season, with a great peak in December.
The immediate effect is that they stop the investment by the end of December, and thus the January ad-revenue market size is significantly lower.

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Regarding various YouTube reports

If your question regarding YouTube reports are:

In the platform there are 3 YouTube channels available in the analytics screen:
YouTube, YouTube Content ID, YouTube Music, what does it mean?
Apparently nothing was reported under YouTube Content ID or YouTube Music?

The answer is:

Actually, there are two reports. One consolidated for Youtube + Youtube Content ID
the other for YouTube Music Key.

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What’s Youtube Brand-safe content?

Youtube enforced a change in monetization policy back in 2017 in order to demonetize content that would be considered unfit (explicit content, violence, etc.)

This has generated a brand-safe effect where companies have focused their investments to safer channel type (i.e. fashion or family). While this could have an effect on some of the content manage (especially genres using explicit language).
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YouTube Music (Still Image Video) ?

Sending your release to YouTube Music will allow you to publish your music as an Art Track.

An Art Track is a song with an image generated automatically by YouTube. It is composed of the proper sound recording, the release cover and all the metadata you entered in the platform as an user, for example the Artist name or the Album title.

The Art Track is catalogued as an audio for YouTube, that’s why the audio is distributed through the platform.

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About our YouTube service: Audio and Video

Audio: You can activate this service by choosing “Youtube Contect ID” as a channel during the distribution process of your music in your user account.

Video: We manage the YouTube video content via our partner with the channel. You can choose a different monetization option for each one of your channel’s videos: to activate ContentID or not, to monetize or not, to block or not, and even to track your videos.

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What is Youtube Content ID?

In today’s digital world, a growing number of authorized and unauthorized third party users make use of copyrighted material every day. These might include the usage of your audio and audiovisual masters for commercial and private applications (e.g. uploading audio and videos on social media sites for weddings, corporate events, commercials or slide shows) in which your masters might be used with or without proper authorization and licensing.

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