About our YouTube service: Audio and Video

Audio: You can activate this service by choosing “Youtube Contect ID” as a channel during the distribution process of your music in your user account.

Video: We manage the YouTube video content via our partner with the channel. You can choose a different monetization option for each one of your channel’s videos: to activate ContentID or not, to monetize or not, to block or not, and even to track your videos.

Must take into account that, despite our efforts to optimizate and to help your music reach the maximum visibility and amount of people, the advertising value experiments constant changes throughout the year and so the income does. For example, in times like Christmas season with great peaks, when the advertising pricing increases, it is normal to get more advertising incomes, while during other times of the year the income tends to be more lineal.

Besides, we must take into account the limitations that YouTube has recently imposed when it comes to monetize some videos according to its explicit content or its scope. Those limitations are:

1. Monetization restrictions in explicit content that shows guns, drugs, strong language or abuse, etc. (which clearly affected to some specific urban music genres and its videos)

2. Since January, 2018, the minimum requirements to activate the monetization for a video are:

               – 10.000 plays on that video

               – 1000 subscribers on that video’s channel 

               – 4000 watch time hours on that video’s channel 

Note: Our tracking service for ContentID in YouTube it’s under the name of SonoSuite.