Album’s and track’s descriptions and tags

1. Special characters. The text of the description of an album or track, as their linked tags, and song lyrics, must not contain any special characters such as the following (or similar):

  • (-), (_), (.) (*), (“), (•), (#), (@), (¢), ($), (%), (&), (=), o (º).

2. Links and emails. The description of the album or tracks, the lyrics, and album’s or track’s tags, should not contain any link to web pages, social media or similar networks references, or contain email addresses.

3. Text format. The description text of an album and its lyrics, must not have any formatting or special design. All text must be “plain text”. This applies also to the release titles.

4. Tags. All tags must be assigned individually, and must not contain spaces or dots, or any special character, such as the following (or similar):

  • (-), (_), (.) (*), (“), (•), (#), (@), (¢), ($), (%), (&), (=), o (º).

Exceptionally, the following symbols will be allowed:

-(-) If it’s a part of a compounded name.
-(.) As long as its use is prioritized in initials and/or if not used at the beginning or at the end of a sentence.
-(“) when it serves to appoint any type of alias. It will only be valid if is used at the beginning or at the end of a word and/or alias.
-(#) When it does not allude to social networks and/or any social network promotion. Same if is equivalent to any musical expression – as a sharp.
-(=), (º), (+) y (%) When they are in a context related to numbers(figures) or mathematical formulas.
-(™), (©) o (®) With the existence of documents that demonstrate that there are entities legally registered. In this case is necessary to facilitate the correspondent documentation in advance, to our Support team.
– If the specific label has precedents on the channels and previously validated by them.
– If the linguistic rules of a certain language require it.

5. Alphabet. The use of characters that do not belong to the western alphabet is not allowed. Except in the following cases:

-If its use in the distribution is coherent with symbols and there aren’t any different alphabet mixes. Is important to avoid the symbols’ ornamental character. Preferably it has to have an explicit relation with the content.

-Symbols that could be explained in contextual key, such as mathematical formulas or other adjacent disciplines.

6. Language. At the album level, the language must be the same as the titles -both track and album level. If there are more languages, the main one has to be chosen.

At the track level the language assigned should be the one used in the song. If it’s instrumental or an invented language is used, then we will indicate it as “no linguistic content”.

If the language used doesn’t appear in our list, please assign the most similar one.