How long does it take to publish a content?

From the moment a content is distributed by the user, the Quality Control (QC) will be carried out. If the content meets all the stipulated requirements,  then it will be approved, and then delivered to the corresponding channels.

When the delivery process is finished, the corresponding user will be notified (by email).

Once the content has been completely delivered to the channel(s), the timing for the publication will depend on each channel, which can take from 2 to 15 working days. For this reason, we recommend making the distribution as early as possible, at least 15 days before the release date, to ensure that the content is published on the desired date.

Please note that this period of 2 to 15 working days, is extended during festive and holiday periods, taking even more days for publication. Regarding this, when appropriate, we will notify you about the deadlines for the main channels.