Prices, release date and licenses

1. Category prices. You must choose a price category from one of four price categories. This does not ensure an identical price in all channels, since the channels have the right to determine the final price of an product, depending on the territory and currency of a sale. The categories are indicative of the range of price you desire for each album individually.

The price categories (in the platform) are:

  • Budget: equivalent to an economic or the most affordable price.
  • Mid: equivalent to a standard or common prince in each channel.
  • Full: equivalent to a higher or more expensive than the standard price.
  • Premium: equivalent to the more expensive price.

2. Release dates. Depending on the date indicated in this section, the album will be published in the channels sooner or later. If the album is distributed previously to the release date, it will not be made public until the date indicated before the distribution. If the album is distributed after the release date, it will be directly published within the 2 to 10 work days, from its distribution.

3. License. You can choose between two main types of license, these are: Copyright or Creative Commons.
Copyright ensure a full protection of all intellectual rights for each rights’ owner or holder, while Creative Commons has several types of licenses for different types of interests. For more information, go to:

For publication of an album, it’s required to indicate:

(C) The Copyright owner or holder, who is generally the author of the work.

(P) The sound recording owner or Publishing right’s holder, who is generally the producer or record label.

In the case of groups or bands where rights are shared, the group or band name can be indicated in both cases mentioned above.

4. Territories. If you do not have publishing rights for all territories, or it is not of your interest the publication in all territories, you may indicate the desired territories in the “License” section in the platform.