What is Youtube Content ID?

In today’s digital world, a growing number of authorized and unauthorized third party users make use of copyrighted material every day. These might include the usage of your audio and audiovisual masters for commercial and private applications (e.g. uploading audio and videos on social media sites for weddings, corporate events, commercials or slide shows) in which your masters might be used with or without proper authorization and licensing.

When Ministry of Musics identifies a match between your music recording and a video file on the Internet, we then monetize that UGC video using various advertisement techniques. We serve as an intermediary between artists and the people who might use an artist’s work for, say, a YouTube video. Every time a new video is uploaded, it’s automatically compared against YouTube’s Content Identification library for a match. We constantly monitor and update your musical works within YouTube’s ID library. If we find a match, we can take one of three actions: remove the content, leave it alone or monetize the video. Typically we choose to monetize the video because it generates incremental revenue that we collect on your behalf. It also expands your broadcast portfolio. In some instances, when the video is not suitable, we will issue a takedown.

YouTube Content ID can be only activated if you have the 100% exclusive rights.

This is very important since you active the Content ID in your music, YouTube creates a reference as an invisible fingerprint that will protect your content distributed and will detect all the third party content using your catalogue. So, it will help you to generate plays/downloads.

ContentID is a “piece” of intellectual property that has been created to protect your content in YouTube. Therefore, if you don’t have the exclusive rights to distribute and you active this option, it can generate YouTube property conflicts in the short or long term future and your channel can be punished.

All your official channel content will be claimed as well as the channel of all the fans that are using your audios (User Generated Content).