Frequent errors in content

The following mistakes are very common when it comes to Electronic Music, such as House, Techno, Minimal content. So to avoid any possible inconvenience related to the QC process, please take note of the following rules:
1. Redundant information
  • The terminology "Original Mix" or "Main Mix" and similar expressions, is not accepted in the cover art.
  • Credits such as copyright owner(s), cover art designer(s) are not accepted in the cover art. 
2. Languages
  • Instrumental tracks should be marked as "non linguistic content" in the language field.
  • If a track contains intelligible vocals (such as speech fragments, short sentences, single words, etc.) the language of those vocal parts must be selected as the language of that track. But when it comes to album level, the language in which the title is written, is the one that must be selected.
For example:
If an album's title is "Love", but all tracks are instrumental, all tracks should be marked as "non linguistic content" and album's language should be marked as "English". 

3. Artist roles

  • The remixers should not and must never be marked as primary artists, in track or album level.
  • "Remixers" should only be assigned as remixer at album level, if the release contains only one track, and that track is a remix. Otherwise,"Remixers" must be assigned only at track level.

4. Format

  • Format types (such as Album, Single or EP) must not be included in the cover art.

5. Dj sets and continuous mixes: 

  • Dj sets (with own or other's artists tracks) and continuous mixes (that is, putting all the tracks of an album together in a single track creating a continuous mix), are not allowed by the channels.

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