How to get Apple Artist ID

The Apple Artist ID is automatically assigned to each artist that is uploaded to the iTunes Store. Artists can now enter their apple IDs in Ministry of Musics.

Once the works of an artist are available, the artist ID can be obtained via Apple's artist page .
To obtain the artist ID follow the following steps:
1) Search any album of artist on iTunes
2) Click on artist's link

3) The ID appears after the letters "id" on the url (in the example the ID is 262836961)

NOTE: Please, ensure that the URL is the artist page, not the album page. Format:[ ARTIST NAME ]/id[ ARTIST APPLE ID ]
Entering the Artist ID in the designated field ensures that each album, single, EP or ringtone is automatically assigned to the correct artist. This is especially important in those cases, in which the Artist or Band name already exists in the iTunes Store. 

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