Other Infringements or Questionable Content

Artist Relationship Concerns
If a channel receives genuine artist complaints about the use of the artist’s content on the channel, they may reserve the right to remove any content to preserve the channel’s relationship with the artist.
Such removal of content shall be solely at the channel’s discretion and the channel will notify the our support team of the removed content. Provided the supply of that content is deemed as being for legitimate reasons, no strike will be applied against the applicable label.

Content Causing Damage to a Channel Brand
The channels reserve the right to remove from their services any content that can be in any manner harmful to the channel, its brand or its users.
Channels also  reserve the right to apply a strike against the providing label if the channel deems it justified. If any content is taken down, the channel normally inform our support team about the takedown, the reason for the takedown, and whether the takedown has resulted in a strike or not against the applicable label.
Manipulation of Streams and Charts
Any tracks found to have suspicious streaming activity, including potential artificial manipulation of streams, shall be notified to the provider or tenant and may be immediately removed from the service pending investigation by the the channel´s Legal team in consultation with the content provider.

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