What kind of information can be Updated in stores? And how to do it?

The types of information that can updated are:
  • Album's and track's titles
  • Artwork (Cover art)
  • Information regarding "Remix" o "Version" on album and track(s)
  • Artist collaborations, except if "Primary" artist. (Update of primary artist must be requested to Support)
  • Information regarding the "Label"
  • Information regarding to the "genre" on album and track(s)
  • Language of the album and track(s)
  • Information regarding  "Explicit Content"
  • Price category
  • Digital release Date
  • Original release Date
  • License type
  • License holder © 
  • Copyright for sound recordings ℗ 
  • Territories of publication
  • Audio file (Master).
The types of information that can NOT be updated are:
  • Primary Artist. (Update of primary artist must be requested to Support. It may be not granted in all channels.)
  • Content format (Album, EP or Single)
  • UPC code
  • Reference number
  • ISRC code
  • Track's quantity
  • Track's order
How to perform an update (Update)?
Simply make the needed modification of the aspects that are allowed (above) and re-send the album to the same originally selected channels.
The system will automatically detect that it is an update, and applies the appropriate fee (if applicable).
The term for an update to be published on the stores, are from 2 to 10 business days.

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