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Stores usually report an entire month’s sales to JTV Digital on a two-month delay.

For example, if a sale of your music occurred in February, you would receive the money and sales reports in April.
We post the sales reports to your account as soon as these are made available to us by the stores.

In case you did not have any sales activity for a particular month in any store, you will not receive a sales report for that month.

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Yes. Generally, stores like iTunes, Amazon and others keep 30% of a sale. We get 70% of a sale (this is called the wholesale price) and share 90% of this amount to you.

Do the maths, it means you are receiving 63% of a sale, not bad, right?

For stores that offer full-track streaming, there is a proportionate share worked out differently for every store.

Therefore, monthly payouts for music streaming sales can vary each month (and are extremely challenging to calculate due to the complex rules applied by the stores!)

Remember JTV Digital only takes a 10% cut of your sales, which is close to nothing! 🙂

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You can login at any time to the My Account section to withdraw your money.

You can withdraw your music using your PayPal account.

For other payments types please contact us!

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You can see your sales at any time from the user interface.

To see your sales reports, go to Sales > Reports from your Dashboard.

To see the sales trends and real-time* analytics, go to the Sales > Analytics section of the interface.

*digital stores usually provide the royalty statements with (at least) one month delay after the effective sale date

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We send statements and royalty payments out to you on a quarterly basis.

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