Strike Policies

If it is determined that a provider has delivered infringing content to a Channel, the content will be removed and the label will receive an initial strike, which will be communicated by our support team via email.
The content provider will be notified of the action taken and, where relevant, is urged to inform the offending label. The provider is given usually 2- 5 business days to respond to the Channel regarding the initial strike notification including details of any action they are taking.
Failure by the content provider to return a satisfactory reason, at the Channel’s discretion, will result in the content remaining off the Channel service and the strike remaining in place against the infringing label.

Subsequent infringing complaints that are determined to be legitimate will result in takedown of the infringing content and immediate blocking of all future content from the offending label.
To be clear, if a Channel, at its discretion, assesses and determines that two separate pieces of content from a particular label are infringing and the provider cannot provide an explanation to the Channel’s satisfaction, the label providing that content may be blocked from the service for future releases.
Further, channels may reserve the right to block a label for clear and intentional infringements or abuses of the service even if that label has not received a previous strike.

Following verification of a second infringement by a particular label, the channels may provide us with a list of all the content delivered under the offending label. The content provider will be given 5 business days to ensure that the rest of the catalogue belonging to the offending label does not contain any infringing or otherwise objectionable content. If the provider does not respond to the Channel within this time the channel may take down all content delivered by the offending label that is currently available on the Channel in question.

If the provider confirms the remaining content is clear from any infringements, the content will remain available.
However, if a future claim against that label’s content is verified as legitimate by the Channel ,then that remaining content for that label may be removed from the service.

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